"Carina's experience and passion, coupled with her intimate familiarity with all aspects of the artistic process, make her a uniquely gifted and knowledgeable teacher. The wisdom she has to offer is unparalleled, and her patience and empathy allow her to share it with true clarity."

- Protégé Adrian (age 21)


Where Do Things Go When They Die?

Where Do Things Go When They Die?

This illustrative children's book follows the story of a little girl named Sicilia, who comes home one day to learn that her pet fish, Gi-Gi, has fallen deathly ill. Sicilia and Gi-Gi spend their last day together, doing some of their favorite activities. Once he passes on, Sicilia and her mother engage in difficult, but meaningful conversation about life and death. Sicilia learns that it is good to talk about the tough stuff, and is grateful that her mom made a safe space where she could ask questions.

This book does not promote one single ideology, but rather, presents that we all believe many different things. I intentionally represent various beliefs of the world in a tasteful, unbiased manner. Sicilia's conversation with her mom opens the door for deeper conversations around belief to be had among family.

This book was written in 2014, in the month after my Nonno Gino died. It is dedicated to him, and serves as a conversational piece for parents to engage with children about death. The purpose is to maximize the healing process during one of the saddest times we all experience: loss.

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