brazen: to be bold and without shame

Artfully Leverage Technology and Time, Transform your Creative Skills, Shift your Mindset

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Atelier Method: a training method for artists that usually takes place in a professional artist's studio.

what you learn

  • How to use immersive tech as an extension of art-making using technical skills in InShot, Adobe Spark (free editors)​, as well as Adobe CC (if applicable)

  • How to refine your creation and production process

  • Meditation > Ideation > Creation Method | CDK

  • Formal training and technique through Atelier Method

  • How historical context ties into formal technique

  • How to access to the Brazen Academy Network

  • That we create the future: Art in the 21st Century

  • Technical skills in InShot and Adobe Spark (free editors)

  • Context and utility of the 8 Elements of Art

  • How to create and produce engaging content

  • Meditation > Ideation > Creation Method | CDK

  • Why it's important to shape a brazen self-vision

  • How to access to the Brazen Academy Network: a safe, controlled environment for your child to share and discuss their artwork on the internet

  • That we create the future: Art in the 21st Century

Adult Protégés (18+)

Parent of Youth Protégés (6-17)

I can lead you to expand your own creative freedom.   

  • Adult 1:1 Classes

  • Adult Group Classes

  • Youth 1:1 Classes

  • Ages 6-8 Youth Group 

  • Ages 9-11 Youth Group

  • Ages 12-14 Youth Group 

  • Ages 15-17 Youth Group 

*friends can enroll as a private group. must have min. of 3 and max. of 7 participants* 

Class options

As a token of gratitude, ALL CLASSES are 15% OFF! (already applied to each plan)


Art by protégé, Damani (age 23)

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